Small Business Entrepreneur

Duration of programme:
2 years
Study Load:
120 ECVET credit points
Type of programme:
Level 5 vocational education, initial vocational training (EstQF, level 5)
Programme format:
Part-time programme. Sessions take place in a flexible format two or three days at a time every third week (on Tuesdays and Wednesdays or from Thursday to Saturday) and are suitable for an employed person.

As a small business entrepreneur, you get to be your own manager and the creator of jobs.

At the Tallinn School of Economics, you will learn to create an enterprise that lasts and brings in revenue. We will start from the beginning and will prepare a business plan together; based on that, we will set up your enterprise’s action plans. You will learn strategic planning and will know how to account for the legislation, the tax system and the personnel. At our school, you will learn about risks related to entrepreneurship and to see new opportunities.

After completing the school, you will be able to independently take your enterprise to new heights – you will understand export and will be able to successfully market your products and services both here in Estonia and abroad. You will know how to develop your products and processes and you will set ever higher goals for yourself.

Modules of the programme:

  1. Career planning and entrepreneurship (5 ECVET points)
  2. Business planning and launch of business (34 ECVET points, incl. practical training 10 ECVET points)
  3. Organising business processes and business development (26 ECVET points, incl. practical training 8 ECVET points)
  4. Product development (12 ECVET points, incl. practical training 4 ECVET points)
  5. Financial management and accounting (19 ECVET points, incl. practical training 6 ECVET points)
  6. Development of export activities (6 ECVET points, incl. practical training 2 ECVET points)


  • Professional  Russian
  • Professional  Finnish
  • Marketing research
  • Internet marketing

A quarter of the study time is spent on practice training in a work environment.

The studies end with an occupational qualifications examination and, the qualification “Small business entrepreneur, level 5” will be awarded.

1 ECTS corresponds to 26 hours of student work, including contact learning, independent work, practical training and e-learning and, as well as a learning test.

Requirements for admission

The admission is based on an interview to get to know the applicants, their suitability for the profession and learning motivation.