Team Leader

Duration of programme:
1 year
Study Load:
60 ECVET credit points
Type of programme:
Level 5 vocational education, continuing training (EstQF, level 5)
Programme format:
Part-time programme. Sessions take place in a flexible format once a month from Tuesday to Saturday and are suitable for an employed person.

A team leader is a person who can manage teams, motivate people and control processes.

In the team leader’s curriculum, you can choose to specialise on organising services or organising production. The learning process involves lots of group work and active learning methods. After completing the curriculum, you will be familiar with the underlying functioning mechanisms of psychology and organisational culture; you will know how to manage projects and how to set them to budget lines. A team leader, having completed the school, uses ICT means to bring teams together.

Modules of the programme:

  • Career planning and entrepreneurship  (5 ECVET points)
  • Leading a team (37 ECVET points, practical training 15 ECVET points)
  • Organising services or production (12 ECVET points, practical training 7 ECVET points)


  • Personal and social psychology
  • Basics of financial accounting
  • Enterprise’s purchase activities
  • Project management
  • ICT in a team leader’s work
  • Health promotion
  • Logistics
  • Quality management
  • Professional language and rhetoric

1 ECTS corresponds to 26 hours of student work, including contact learning, independent work, practical training and e-learning and, as well as a learning test.

Requirements for admission

Admission requires the presentation of a certificate of previous education or a portfolio proving your acquired skills.

The curriculum is open for those who have attained an at least qualification level 4 profession in the following fields: agriculture, fishery, forestry, food production, services, technology, production and processing, or having the relevant competence’s.