Duration of programme:
1 year
Study Load:
60 ECVET credit points
Type of programme:
Level 5 vocational education, initial vocational training (EstQF, level 5)
Programme format:
Part-time programme. Sessions take place in a flexible format two or three days at a time every second or third week (on Tuesdays and Wednesdays or from Thursday to Saturday) and are suitable for an employed person.

NB! A minimum level of Russian (A2) is required to start studies.

At the school, students will study the document management and archival work in the organization. They will also learn about the organization’s public relations and travel arrangements. They will be a valuable help for personnel manager and accountants. As a secretary, they can deal with different people and situations. They have good communication skills.

Modules of the programme:

  1. Career planning and entrepreneurship (5 ECVET points)
  2. Document management (34 ECVET, practical training 10 ECVET points)
  3. Organization of archival work (10 ECVET, practical training 3 ECVET points)
  4. Work organization (30 ECVET, practical training 10 ECVET points)
  5. Public relations of the organization (23 ECVET, practical training 7 ECVET points)


  • health promotion
  • entrepreneurship
  • cultural history
  • calligraphy and graphic design
  • organizational behaviour
  • professional Finnish (A2 or B1)
  • website management and design

The studies end with an occupational qualifications examination and, the qualification “Secretary, level 5” will be awarded.

A quarter of the study time is spent on practice training in a work environment.

Requirements for admission

The admission is based on an interview to get to know the applicants, their suitability for the profession and learning motivation.

1 ECTS corresponds to 26 hours of student work, including contact learning, independent work, practical training and e-learning and, as well as a learning test.