Quality Specialist

Duration of programme:
2 years
Study Load:
120 ECVET credit points
Type of programme:
Level 5 vocational education, primary training (EstQF, level 5)
Programme format:
Part-time programme. Sessions take place in a flexible format two or three days at a time every third week (on Tuesdays and Wednesdays or from Thursday to Saturday) and are suitable for an employed person.

NB! A minimum level of English (A2) is required to start studies.

As a quality specialist, you will have high demands – you will make sure that the enterprise works efficiently and with increasing results.

At the Tallinn School of Economics, you will learn to manage changes and to direct widely different management information. You like measurable targets, analysis and systematic activities – all for better results, of course. You will become familiar with various legislation, certificates and calculations. You will be able to bind an organisation’s different parts into an integral whole so that the enterprise can continually offer competitive services or products. You are a team player familiar with professional ethics and a smart leader.

As a quality specialist, you will be able to work in widely different organisations from small to large and will get to know widely different sectors. You will collaborate with the CEO, analysing the developments and continually seeking new ways to develop the enterprise and to stand out among the competition. Depending on the organisation, you may also work as a team player in the development or marketing departments. The studies end with an occupational qualification exam.

Modules of the programme:

  1. Career planning and entrepreneurship (5 ECVET points)
  2. Administration of quality management system (11 ECVET points)
  3. Control of requirements applicable to an organisation and system of customer relationships ( 12 ECVET points)
  4. Management of process change projects (11 ECVET)
  5. Collection and analysis of data ( 17 ECVET)
  6. Organisation of internal and external communication concerning quality management and coordination of quality-related training courses (10 ECVET points)
  7. Practical training (36 ECVET points)


  • Counselling
  • Creating databases
  • Professional Russian (level B1)
  • Professional Russian (level B2)

A 12-week practical training period in an enterprise must be completed in both years.

The studies end with an occupational qualifications examination and, the qualification “Quality specialist, level 5” will be awarded.

1 ECTS corresponds to 26 hours of student work, including contact learning, independent work, practical training and e-learning and, as well as a learning test.

Requirements for admission

The admission is based on an interview to get to know the applicants, their suitability for the profession and learning motivation.