Duration of programme:
2 years
Study Load:
120 ECVET credit points
Type of programme:
Level 5 vocational education, initial vocational training (EstQF, level 5)
Programme format:
Part-time programme. Sessions take place in a flexible format once a month from Tuesday to Saturday and are suitable for an employed person.

These studies also take place in Russian (in the Russian-speaking group, 60% of the studies take place in Estonian).

As an accountant, you like order and analysis. At the Tallinn School of Economics, you will learn to know the entrepreneurship environment. You will get to understand financial accounting, tax accounting, and you will supplement those with management accounting. You will learn to organise accountancy to ensure the availability of precise information about the economic entity’s financial situation and results. You will follow European Union standards, professional ethics and accounting principles. We will teach you how to become your manager, starting to provide the accounting service in your enterprise.

After completing school, you will be able to work in different enterprises or to found your enterprise and start providing the accounting service. When providing the accounting service, you will have a chance to plan your own time and to choose the customers you like. Your main tasks will be related to the filling in of tax declarations and the preparing of statistical reports (e.g. annual financial statements). Your work will be of high responsibility, and you will be able to work both independently and together with other members of your group. You will be able to plan your work and time, and you will have become excellent at communicating.

Additionally, you will be able to continue your studies of economic accounting or financial accounting at universities or other higher education institutions or to go on with the continuing vocational training of a tax specialist at the Tallinn School of Economics.

Modules of the programme:

  1. Career planning and entrepreneurship (5 ECVET points)
  2. Business environment and corporate finance (24 ECVET points, incl. practical training 3 ECVET points)
  3. Financial accounting (41 ECVET points, incl. practical training 19 ECVET points)
  4. Tax Accounting (12 ECVET points, practical training 2 ECVET points)
  5. Management Accounting (19 ECVET points, incl. practical training 6 ECVET points


  • Organisational Behavior
  • Basics of Research
  • Professional English (B1)
  • Professional Estonian (B1) (in the Russian-speaking group)
  • Professional Russian (A2) (in the Estonian-speaking group)
  • Professional Finnish (A2) (in the Estonian-speaking group)
  • Personnel Work
  • Project Management, Financial Management of Projects
  • Internal Control and Audit
  • Basics of Auditing
  • International Auditing
  • Public Procurement

Two 10-week practical training periods in an enterprise must be completed.

The studies end with an occupational qualifications examination and, the qualification “Accountant, level 5” will be awarded.

Requirements for admission

The admission is based on a test and an interview to get to know the applicants, their suitability for the profession and learning motivation.

1 ECTS corresponds to 26 hours of student work, including contact learning, independent work, practical training and e-learning and, as well as a learning test.